"But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint." 

- Isaiah 40:31 (NKJV)


Payson Christian School

1000 E. Frontier St. - Payson, AZ 85541

Phone: (928) 474-8050


Distinctively Christian Curriculum

Here at PCS, we believe that a Christian school includes more than just a Bible class and an occasional chapel. We believe that Jesus truly is the foundation and the goal of each and every class. It's all about King Jesus!  Students will learn about the wonder of our meticulous God who upholds universal laws by the word of His power in math class. They will learn that God is the mover of all historical events toward His end goal of the return of Christ in history class. They will learn that we are created to be creators and be fully supported in art class. These are just a few examples! We teach from the A Beka Curriculum. To learn more about A Beka, Click here:




Teachers that love Jesus and your children

Our teachers are all born again Christians who are committed to furthering the Kingdom of God through educational ministry. With an average of 13.5 years of teaching experience, our teachers desire to be evangelistic in the classroom, while discipling their students toward faith and good works. This all occurs in the context of a loving, challenging, grace filled classroom.


Small class sizes

We are proud that teacher to student ratio is 8:1. Because of this, our teachers have the flexibility to tailor their teaching style to your child's learning style. Students have the freedom from intimidation that may occur in a large class to ask their questions. Curriculum can be sped up or slowed down based on the class's ability to grasp a concept, making their educational journey a truly unique experience.




of our teachers have, or are pursuing Masters Degrees

Average class size is


Students on average receive


of tuition covered in scholarships



1. Request more information, or call 928-474-8050

2. Admissions director will reach out to schedule a School visit- this will include campus tour, class visit, and scholarship consultation

3. Apply

4. Receive admissions decision letter in the mail

5. Enroll in school!

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"God gets the glory for bringing  us to Payson Christian School. I always thought we couldn't afford the school, but I called and spoke with the Admissions department, and they were so helpful in explaining how the scholarship process works as long as we took the time to get the applications done. It was so easy to get them all done in just an hour. I went to the Christian school scholarship page and filled out each scholarship line by line, and before I knew it I was done in about an hour. Then, I woke up one morning and I had an email and my balance for the year had dropped significantly! Tears came to my eyes and I just knew this is right where we needed to be. The work for scholarships totally paid off!"


- The Bartlett family

PCS tuition is over 40% less expensive than state and national average private school tuition rates

Our students receive an average of 50% of tuition covered by scholarships

Income based and non-income based scholarships are available

2016-2017 Tuition Rates


Tuition is billed out in 10 or 12 monthly payments.  If paid in full before the first day of school, a $200 discount will be given.  Tuition will be prorated for students starting after the first day school.

Additional Fees: $25 non refundable application fee, $150 enrollment/re-enrollment fee.


Preschool Tuition

     5 Full Days $5,900

    3 Full Days $3,540

 5 half Days $4,900


Kinder Half day

5 half days $4,900



Kinder - 5th grade




6th - 12th Grade




 As a Private, Christian school in Arizona, PCS receives no funding from governmental sources. However, students can receive scholarships from Student Tuition Organizations (STO), as well as Corporate Scholarships Organizations. The primary STO that Payson Christian uses is Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO).


The primary Corporate Scholarship foundation that Payson Christian School uses is School Choice Arizona, but students are encouraged to research need based qualifications for all corporate scholarship foundations.


Here's how it works:

Student Tuition Organization: ACSTO


1.  Student must have a new application on file every year at the STO. Go to http://acsto.org/ and fill out an application for your student. There are no income restrictions to receive scholarships.


2. Individual tax payers can then donate up to their state tax liability, or the maximum STO donation limit, whichever is less (this amount changes every year, and you can find that amount on the ACSTO website).


                a. Donations are a dollar for dollar state tax credit, reducing the total state tax liability for that tax year. Donations must be made before taxes are filed, up to April 15th to claim the credit for that previous tax year.


               b. Donations can be made to the private Christian school of the donor's choice. Individual student recommendations can also be made, but are not guaranteed.

Student tuition can be fully funded through the use of scholarships.


For more information, watch this video:

Corporate Tax Credit Organization


1.  Scholarship recommendations are reviewed and disbursed to the school periodically.


2.  Student must have a new application on file each year at each corporate scholarship organization (see below for a list of corporate scholarship organizations), and meet scholarship guidelines to receive scholarship from that foundation. If no application is on file, students cannot receive this scholarship.


3.  C and S Corporations can donate their state tax liability to any corporate scholarship organization, and name the private school of their choice to receive their donation. Donations are a dollar for dollar state tax credit, reducing the total state tax liability for that corporation for that tax year.


4.  Scholarships are reviewed and disbursed to the school.


 Here's a list of Corporate Scholarship Organizations. Check the scholarship guidelines, and apply to all of them!

These scholarships are for disabled students (receiving an IEP or 504 plan), students who have ever been in the foster care system, or low income students. Don't count yourself out for low income scholarships! For the 15-16 application, "low income" is about $80,000 for a family of four! Apply now, deadlines approach quickly.


·         Arizona Leadership Foundation


·         Tuition Organization for Private Schools – TOPS


·         School Choice AZ Scholarship


·         Arizona Education & Scholarship Opportunity Program


·         Arizona Scholarship Fund – ASF


·         Arizona School Choice Trust – ASCT


·         Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund


·         Institute for Better Education


·         Arizona Tuition Connection


·         Arizona Education & Scholarship Opportunity Program


Still need help? Schedule a 1:1 scholarship consultation for more help by calling 928-474-8050. We're happy to assist you!