Application & Enrollment Process


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Inquire online or over the phone

Get in contact with one of our helpful staff over the phone, by email, or inquire through the "Request Information" form.


Take a tour to learn about scholarships and affordability

Take a tour and meet the amazing staff and faculty & experience Christ-centered education at its finest.

Learn about available scholarships that  help make Christian education more affordable.

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Inquire Online

Start the process by clicking ‘Connect Now’ to email our Relations Manager about a new student inquiry. A tour will be scheduled and you will receive application materials upon your arrival (enrollment checklist & application link).


The application link will be sent to you; a non-refundable fee of $75 must be submitted for child #1 and $25 for additional applications (Max. per family is $125).​ Enrollment Checklist will include all necessary documents we will need for the Administrative Review.


Administrative Review

After taking a tour & completing preliminary informational forms, the students will be scheduled for educational assessments.

Once all necessary documents & educational assessments are received, the School Administrator will examine the application packet. If we are a good fit, an acceptance letter will be sent via email.


Get Ready for the First Day of School

We’re so excited to see you begin a new chapter of your life here at PCS! Be sure to pick up a uniform, and we’ll see you in the classroom.



As a Private, Christian school in Arizona, our school receives no funding from governmental sources.

However, students can receive scholarships from many Student Tuition Organizations (STO).

Submitting applications to STOs does not guarantee scholarship awards.

Each STO is unique in their qualifications and documentation. Check out this list for many opportunities.

To be considered for an award, an application needs to be on file each school year.

The primary STO that Payson Christian partners with is

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO).

A primary Corporate, low-income scholarship that PCS partners with is School Choice Arizona

Another primary Corporate, low-income scholarship PCS partners with is T.O.P.S. for Kids



Payson Christian School Programs & Affordability

At Payson Christian School we believe every child should benefit from a Christ-centered education, so we have partnered with many School Tuition Organizations (STO) who help reduce tuition costs for students and their families. Below are the current tuition rates & financing options. Scholarships are available for all students despite financial circumstances; however, by law, financial circumstances are considered by each STO.

Kids Drawing

4 Full-Days Tuition $6799

2 Full-Days Tuition $4099

4 Half-Days Tuition $5712

2 Half-Days Tuition $3443

Friday $38/day

(For current students Only)

(Full-pay discount available)


Dual Accredited (Christian & Secular)
(++ Oversight by: DHS & 1st-Things-First)

Degreed Instructors.
High Expectations of
all Staff.

2022 - 2023 Rates

2022 - 2023 Rates

Raising Hands





Elementary School

1st - 5th Grade

Tuition: $6999

K - 5th Grade

Dual Accredited (Christian & Secular)
Degreed Instructors.
High Expectations of
all Staff.

2022 - 2023 Rates

2022 - 2023 Rates

Experimenting in Lab


Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

Tuition: $7925

Laptops are Mandatory for all 
Middle School Students

Middle School

Dual Accredited (Christian & Secular)
Degreed Instructors.
High Expectations of
all Staff.

2022 - 2023 Rates

2022 - 2023 Rates


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You Can Greatly Reduce Your Cost
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